The Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is one of the many aspects that sets our school apart because it highlights each student that actively lives out the Portrait of the Graduate. Mr. Ramon Flores and Mrs. Kristen Martinez started this program to encourage, initiate self-confidence, and help each nominee understand the importance of becoming Godly leaders and conscientious disciples in their daily walk in life. “The Golden Eagle is a way to call attention to those students demonstrating the qualities of Conscientious Disciples, Compassionate Citizens, Critical Thinkers, Confident Communicators, and Continual Learners. It’s not about the product; it’s about encouraging them in the process of growing to be the men and women God made them to be.” Upper School Teacher, Kristen Martinez

Each month the nominees get picked by our faculty that notice exemplary behavior and “Commends the student for the specific behavior he or she demonstrated, and give the student a Golden Eagle certificate. At the end of the month, all Golden Eagle recipients are invited to enjoy a donut with Mr. Flores as he thanks them for the example they set in our school.” Upper School Teacher, Kristen Martinez.  Our CLS students benefit from professional and personal growth that will effectively impact their independence when they Graduate from CLS. We are so proud of each and every one of our students that work hard to strive and challenge themselves.