Student Inspiration

The following was written by 11th grader, Ceana Malley, to inspire us during this pandemic to turn our eyes to Christ while facing these trying times. Beautifully written. Thanks for the reminder, Ceana!

To see the world through a filter of admiration can be highly difficult at times, yet not impossible. See, society is driven by the fascination of corruption and tragedy, as you can see by them amplifying it on the news. We were raised to look at the world “realistically,” which in acutality is just an exucse of pessimism. The world needs enlightenment, especially right now in these hard times.

Try hard to turn away from looking at the restrictions given to us, as much as possible, and attempt to focus on what God has enabled us to be able to do now. It is hard, yes, but we are able. We might not be able to do something incredible that was planned, but we can still smell the flowers as they grow. We can still sit outside and watch as the sun slowly descends in an array of brilliant colors. We can build incredible structures now wiht the tie we were given. We can climb trees and read old books while sipping steaming tea. We can dance animistically and shout to the beat of blasting music as we “clean” the kitchen. We can slowly drive aimlessly with the windows down and just enjoy the fact that we are living. But most importantly, we can love.

Be the light to others when the world is slowly darkening out of fear. You have the ability. Write a note for a stranger and leave it on a bench where someone will see it. Drop off stones with words of encouragement written on them, and put them on the edges of the sidewalk. Offer to mow someone’s lawn, yet still, be mindful and safe.

You don’t have to fall into the gloom. God has handed us the perfect opportunity to take pause on our lives and to do good. This time was given to us to take advantage of, not only to waste it. The media is prone to broadcasting the extreme, so fight it. Rebel against the negative thoughts society has been ingraining us with and flip it to do good. You are strong and you are a light-bearer. Allow God to do something incredible with you to change someone’s day.

Ceana Malley, CLS Junior