Spiritual Life

Living Faith. Together.

We are a Biblically-based school dedicated to preparing students to take the gospel to the world. That means that our students…

Receive Daily Teaching from the Bible

Our spiritual formations classes teach students the gospel — and how to live it. We believe that faith needs to become action. Classes are designed to encourage students to understand their culture and to think and live Biblically.

Have Opportunities to Serve

We send groups of students overseas on missions trip each and every year. High school students do 80 hours of community service to graduate.

Are Prayed for by their Teachers

Walk into any classroom at the beginning of the day and you’ll find teachers and students praying together, for each other. We are a school whose teachers care for the spiritual life of each and every of their students.

Experience Dynamic Weekly Chapels

Our elementary and high school chapels provide students with the opportunity worship God in a relevant and exciting environment. Worship is student-oriented and, in the high school, worship is student-led. Dynamic speakers from the community challenge students with the gospel.

See for yourself how Christian Life School can prepare your student spiritually:

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