Spiritual Formations: A Year of Growth at CLS

At CLS, spiritual formation is an integral part of our students’ development, fostering a deep connection with their faith and community. This past year, we witnessed an incredible journey of spiritual growth across both elementary and upper school realms, each with unique approaches to engaging our students in worship and learning.

Elementary School: Thursday Afternoons of Discovery

Every Thursday afternoon, just before the final bell rings, our elementary students gather for a time of spiritual formation. This dedicated slot in their schedule allowed them to immerse themselves in the word and worship in a way that resonated with their young hearts. Led by our passionate elementary music teacher, Mrs. Taylor, each grade took turns leading worship in their chapels. This hands-on involvement not only boosted their confidence but also instilled a sense of responsibility and joy in serving their peers.

Upper School: Wednesday Mornings of Reflection

Upper school students, on the other hand, met on Wednesday mornings before lunch for their spiritual formation sessions. These gatherings were more than just a break from the routine; they were moments of reflection, worship, and community building. After lunch, students would split into small groups for a 10-minute discussion, with upperclassmen serving as mentors. These discussions highlighted the day’s message and worship, fostering a deeper understanding and connection among the students.

Pastor Matt’s Dual Role

This year, Pastor Matt played a pivotal role in both elementary and upper school spiritual formations. He crafted different series for each department, making the word accessible and engaging for all ages. His mentorship extended beyond just preaching; he nurtured students’ confidence in worship by providing opportunities for them to lead songs, be backup vocalists, and play instruments. Pastor Matt’s dynamic approach ensured that worship was not only a spiritual activity but also a fun and memorable experience.

Monthly Themes and Special Guests

Each month brought a new series designed to help students dig deeper into the word. These series were enriched by special guests, including teachers, local pastors, and even some of our seniors and alumni. Our seniors shared impactful messages from their time at CLS, while alumni reflected on their experiences and offered guidance to the younger generation. These interactions showcased the continuity and growth within our community, reinforcing the values we cherish.

Looking Ahead

As we look back on this past year, we are filled with gratitude for the spiritual growth and community building that took place at CLS. The “Portrait of a Graduate” is more than just a phrase; it is a testament to the transformative experiences our students undergo. We eagerly anticipate what God has in store for the 2024-25 school year and look forward to reflecting on even more amazing moments of spiritual formation and growth.

At CLS, we are committed to nurturing not just the minds but also the hearts of our students, preparing them to shine brightly in the world.