Protecting Our Children’s Minds: Embracing a Gentle Approach to Digital Devices

As a mom of four young children and the K-12 School Counselor, my heartfelt intention is to support fellow parents in nurturing this generation of “digital natives” and empowering them to make thoughtful choices regarding cell phones and personal electronics. Extensive research highlights the potential harm these devices can inflict on young minds, including anxiety, depression, and addiction. In addition our students are also often inadvertently exposed to worldviews that are not biblical.

Our children often yearn for cell phones due to peer influence, fear of missing out, or a desire for constant access to games and social media. What if, as parents, we came together with a shared understanding of the potential dangers these devices can have at a young age and collectively sought wisdom on making these important choices for our children.

I invite you to join me on this journey of saying yes to using wisdom on device exposure, for the sake of our children’s well-being and protection from the negative influences of an increasingly connected world. Together, we hold the power to shape their futures in a positive and nurturing way.

To further deepen your understanding of the impact of digital devices on our children’s well-being, I invite you to read these articles: “Parent’s Guide to Smart Phones” and “5 Reasons Why Social Media is Not Smart for Middle Schoolers.” These resources provide valuable insights and practical guidance to help navigate this complex digital landscape and make informed decisions for our young ones.