Children learn best through play and hands-on exploration. The children in our K2 class experience a Christ-centered curriculum which uses books, cause and effect toys, musical instruments, balls, toy food and dishes, sensory items, riding toys, and many other items to encourage learning through play. Teachers assist children in meeting developmental milestones including, but not limited to communicating using words and sign-language and understanding simple directions.

Circle time includes name and letter recognition, shape recognition, and Bible stories. Gross and fine motor, socialization, language skills, literacy, and music are all areas that are focused on in these classrooms.

We support parents when they make the decision to begin toilet training their child. It is important to remember that children need consistency at home and at school to make this time successful. Each child develops differently and on their own schedule.  In the K2 classroom, we encourage potty training because we require all children to be potty trained in order to enter our K3 program.