In the K3 classroom, children continue their learning with an emphasis on pre-language, pre-literacy, and pre-math skills. The weekly lesson plan is theme based.  Circle time includes calendar, weather, jobs, and large group activities based on the chosen literacy and math focus for the week. Children have the opportunity to work in different centers throughout the day including blocks, transportation, manipulatives, reading, dramatic play, and writing. Spanish and Story Time are a regular part of K3 each week. We combine academic and biblical instruction in our K3 program so each week children study Bible stories and do activities related to them.


The K4 teachers have designed a curriculum based on themes and centers.  This curriculum works toward the goal of meeting milestones necessary to be prepared for Kindergarten.  Within the K4 classroom, children are encouraged to interact, learn, play, and create while exploring God’s creation.  The Christ-centered curriculum helps develop children physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually.  Prayer is also integrated throughout the entire day in the K4 classroom.

The K4 program includes arts and crafts, practical life skills, computers, circle time, geography, science, Bible, phonics, small and large motor skill activities, outdoor time, gym, music, and language development. The K4 curriculum also includes music with the CLS Elementary music teacher, Spanish, and Story Time each week.