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Best Private School near Racine, WI

Christian Life School is respected at a top private school near Racine, WI. We understand and acknowledge how pivotal a private education can be for your child. That's why we maintain a commitment to quality education while driving a creative atmosphere where Christian principles are taught and modeled through daily life.

Located in Kenosha, our goal is to see our students excel far beyond academics. We deliver a Christian education that gives a unique perspective with recognition of the spiritual reality in everything. This helps drive everything that we do at Christian Life School, and it's one of the reasons we're considered a top private school near Racine, WI.

We offer you a wonderful staff of teachers and role models who are ready to help with your student's education. As they embark on their academic journey, it would be an honor to have them join us. Our belief is that students can recognize their own spiritual growth being just as important as their academic growth. This means their education cannot be at its highest performance without intentionally planning for growth in several other areas. At Christian Life School, we focus on academics, social skills, and spiritual growth.

This preparation through spiritual, social, and academic knowledge helps our students so that they can go forth and impact the world for God. The pursuit of God within, and through, their academic, spiritual, and social lives is largely encouraged. If you're searching for the best private school near Racine, WI, come and see us at Christian Life School. We look forward to hearing from you and joining your child in their journey.

The Top Private Christian School near Bristol WI

Excelling beyond academics is one of our focuses here at Christian Life School. We want to prepare each and every one of our students to be ready to face the world after school with a Christian background. Our unique perspective will help us recognize the spiritual reality within everything. A well-rounded approach can help lead our graduates to live lives of excellence in every portion of their journey moving forward.