As I am approaching senior year, stress and anxiety have become overwhelming. Looking for colleges, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, and trying to obtain good grades that can get me scholarships to my dream schools have been stressors in my life. I have struggled to keep my mind at ease while trying to have a healthy balance of school work, friendships, and church leadership. Peace has become something that I long for. I was reading my Bible one morning and came across a verse in Psalms 34:4 that stated: “God met me more than halfway, he freed me from my anxious fears.” After reading this verse, I gained an overwhelming sense of comfort and decided that “peace” would be my word for the year and the word that I would pray for consistently. 

Peace does not come from worldly things or desires. I think most times we try to satisfy our anxiety with worldly substances like friends, relationships, and things we know are not right. When I feel stressed out or overwhelmed with anxiety and I turn to the people in my life instead of God, the anxiety always comes back.  

Peace has taught me that in order to truly feel the overwhelming peace, even in the midst of chaos, I need to find that peace in the Lord. The Lord is our refuge and simply sitting in his presence gives us peace and joy like no other. Peace is not a relationship, peace is not found in friendships, peace is not found in substances.. peace is found in the Lord. True peace is found in the Lord, you must seek Him, read your Bible, and sit in His presence. 

He will speak through His word and through worship. When you feel stress or feel anxiety taking over, look to God because He is the only one that will bring steadfast and consistent peace. 

Grace Wright
Upper School Student