Part 1/2 Discipleship Process at CLS

At Christian Life School, we know the importance of our students becoming conscientious disciples of Christ. Our Spiritual Formations Director, Pastor Matt Short, is currently working on creating a strategy that is tailored to our students and their specific needs. Over the next two weeks, we will begin to share with you some of the ways we are currently disciplining our students.

Discipleship at CLS is woven into the foundation of what we do every day. We are intentionally disciplining our students in our classrooms, chapels, hallways, athletics, fine arts, etc. The atmosphere of Christian Life is strategically created to allow students to learn and grow in their relationships with Jesus. All believers are called to embody the virtues and characteristics of Jesus and we hope to partner with families to create opportunities for students to practice this every day in many avenues. 

In our Elementary School, Jesus is talked about in all classes every day, but we also join together to worship and hear a message specifically for children every Thursday in our chapels. Worship is led by our Music teacher, Mrs. Nygaard,  and our own students! This gives every child the opportunity to worship together and hear a lesson that they can adapt to their life. 

In Upper School, We strategically create chapel topics that fit what we believe our students need to hear. We invite our own teachers, staff, and pastors from the area to preach God’s Word to our students. Not only is chapel an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Jesus, but they are being led in worship by their own peers. Our student-led worship team invites the presence of God to the chapel each week. After chapel, every student has an opportunity to reflect and discuss what they just learned from the chapel in their next class. This is an important time that is dedicated to each student.” -Matt Short

At Christian Life School, we believe that discipleship is an essential part of developing a strong foundation of faith. We are committed to helping our students grow in their faith and to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.