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We prepare students spiritually, socially, and intellectually to impact their world for the kingdom of God.

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We encourage students to pursue God through their academic, spiritual, and social lives and continue to offer — and develop — our thriving art, music, drama, and sports programs along with a traditional liberal arts curriculum.

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Realizing the importance of arts & athletics, Christian Life School offers a wide range of sports activities, visual arts, drama classes, musicals, concert choirs and much more.

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Searching for the right school can be a lengthy process requiring careful research. Christian Life School has developed an eBook to help with the process. We've provided a resource that every parent can take with them and use to assess whether a particular school meets their standards. This bonus edition includes a section addressing COVID-19.

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Want to keep up with what's going on at CLS? Blog posts, news and school updates can be found here.

Grand Day Recap: Thank You from Our Amazing Community

Grand Day, as the name suggests, is a day when our elementary students get to spend quality time with their beloved grandparents, parents, aunts and…

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Igniting a Love for Reading at CLS

At Christian Life School, we are committed to nurturing a deep love for reading among our students. Through intentional teaching our teachers are dedicated to…

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Double Honors: High School Soccer Teams Celebrated for Academic Excellence

In this recent announcement, United Soccer Coaches celebrated outstanding academic performances by high school soccer teams during the 2022-23 academic year. Among the recipients, Christian…

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A Parent’s Perspective on CLS: STAND by Kelly Welch

STANDBy Kelly Welch The world we live in is a battlefield.  Some days hold more battles than others, and as our kids grow we see…

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Golden Glory: Abigail Stanphill, Milena Messick and Team Triumph at IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship in Liverpool, England

It is with pride and joy that we share about the outstanding achievement of two very talented students in our CLS community, Milena Messick and…

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Protecting Our Children’s Minds: Embracing a Gentle Approach to Digital Devices

As a mom of four young children and the K-12 School Counselor, my heartfelt intention is to support fellow parents in nurturing this generation of…

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Kindergarten at CLS

As a parent, choosing the right kindergarten for your child can feel scary and exciting at the same time. There are many options available, but…

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How CLS Prepares Alumni for Success

Christian Life School has been educating students since 1977. Our school is committed to preparing its students for success in all aspects of life, including…

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How Community Involvement is Transforming Our School

Christian Life School values the involvement of both parents and students. It is so important that we create a supportive and inclusive environment for our…

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Why Did Jesus Have To Die?

Why did Jesus have to die to save us from sin? If God is so powerful could he not have saved us another way, without…

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