Nurturing Minds, Hearts, and Spirits: A Glimpse into Christian Life School’s Exceptional Educators

Christian Life School (CLS) prides itself on not just imparting knowledge but fostering holistic growth in its students. Three remarkable educators, Mary Grubb, Erin Taylor, and Becky Gowey, share insights into their roles, the unique aspects of CLS, and the meaningful significance behind their work.

Mary Grubb – Elementary STEM Lab/Technology

Role Description: As the Elementary STEM Lab and Technology teacher, Mary Grubb plays a vital role in shaping the educational journey of K-6 students. She teaches Google applications, keyboarding, and STEM, ensuring that students are equipped with essential technological skills.

Why Private Education Matters: According to Grubb, the integration of God into every aspect of education is what sets CLS apart. “Parents will see a difference in their students’ education here at CLS,” she emphasizes. The school recognizes and celebrates the creative minds and knowledge that God has bestowed upon each student, encouraging them to explore new and challenging endeavors for personal growth.

What Makes CLS Stand Out: Christian Life School stands out for its genuine care and investment in students’ lives. Grubb highlights the familial atmosphere where teachers and staff pray for and with students, take an interest in their passions, and nurture the abilities that God has gifted them.

Favorite Aspect of Role: Grubb cherishes the opportunity to witness the growth of students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Building meaningful connections and seeing students evolve each year brings immense joy and fulfillment.

Erin Taylor – Elementary Music Teacher

Role Description: As the Elementary Music Teacher, Erin Taylor imparts general music concepts to K3-6th grade students. Her focus is on nurturing creativity and guiding students in worshiping God through music.

Why Private Education Matters: CLS stands out because it cares for students on a personal level, says Taylor. Teachers go beyond merely fulfilling curriculum requirements; they teach to enhance students’ overall well-being. Education at CLS is driven by a genuine desire to better the lives of students.

What Makes CLS Stand Out: Christian Life School prioritizes creating well-rounded students and disciples of God. Taylor emphasizes the commitment to character development, spiritual growth, and individualized care for each student’s success in all areas of life.

Favorite Aspect of Role: Taylor finds joy in teaching students about worshiping God through music. Her classroom focuses on leveraging the gift of creativity to better praise God, making her role a source of motivation and happiness.

Becky Gowey – K-8 Art Teacher

Role Description: Becky Gowey serves as the K-8 Art Teacher, imparting art concepts, techniques, and creative expression to students. She integrates a Biblical worldview into every aspect of her teaching.

Why Private Education Matters: Gowey highlights the importance of a Biblical worldview woven into every subject at CLS. Monthly Bible verses are incorporated into her art lessons, and she has the privilege of openly discussing Jesus, and the Bible, and praying for and with her students.

What Makes CLS Stand Out: The Biblical worldview is a distinctive feature of Christian Life School, present in every facet of the institution.

Favorite Aspect of Role: Gowey’s favorite part of her role is the ability to openly discuss and incorporate faith into her art classes. She values the opportunity to pray for and with her students, creating an environment where faith and creativity intertwine.

These educators exemplify the passion and commitment that make Christian Life School a unique and enriching educational community. Through their roles, they contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals with a strong foundation in faith, knowledge, and creativity.