Leadership Class at CLS: Spreading Kindness and Creating a Positive Impact

Three students from Mrs Martinez’s 7th & 8th grade leadership class recently embarked on a mission to inspire their school to be kinder. Jaeda, Grace and Roslyn were inspired after learning about National Random Acts of Kindness Day so much so, they created a month-long initiative in February for the upper school. As a result of this challenge, almost 300 different random acts of kindness were done by Christian Life students. 

These students recognized the power of kindness and took action to make a difference in their school community. Their efforts have inspired others to continue spreading kindness beyond just the month of February. It also highlights the importance of student leadership and the positive influence that young people can have in their communities.

Here is what Jaeda, Grace, and Roslyn had to say about the event. “We wanted to make a positive impact by creating a month of kindness challenge for upper school students. Starting on Feb 1st, each school day had a new challenge announced. Students who completed the challenge received a ticket and we gave away prizes by selecting random winners. Let’s follow Jesus’ example and make our school a better place.”

“I am so proud of them for taking what they learned and applying it to make a difference for the entire student body. That’s what servant leadership is all about.” – Kristen Martinez