Iron Sharpening Iron

As iron sharpens iron,

    so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

After students returned to school in person this fall following a spring quarantine, Juniors Ceana Malley and Sarah Mercer were chatting with Student Development Coordinator, Mrs. Kristen Martinez, about the growth they had experienced in their relationship with God during their time spent at home. From the conversation, the idea of a student lead Bible study was born. Mercer and Malley both had a passion to share the reliance on God in their lives and wanted to encourage their classmates to do the same through collective prayer, conversation, and the studying of God’s word, specifically the book of Ephesians.

Starting first semester, the girls began two different Bible studies – one for middle schoolers and one for 10th graders. Week to week the attendees vary and so does the content. “Sometimes we’ll follow the plan, other times we’ll chat about the chapel service, or sometimes a girl will have a question and we’ll go off that. Building a community with each other is also equally important as learning about God” said Mercer.

Students at CLS are not only challenged to achieve high standards academically, but to grow spiritually. Malley shared that she wanted to help start a Bible study because she has always had a desire to make a difference in someone’s life and be able to be a mentor. These young ladies are impacting their peers, but also growing in their own walks with Christ. Malley went on to say “Leading this group has forced me to put a lot of research into the Word and has kept me accountable by looking deeper into scripture, for which I am very thankful. I have learned so much about God’s will and blessings through these groups, which ultimately has brought me closer than ever in my relationship with Him.”

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