Integrating Faith Daily

“…But God has surely listened and has heard my prayer.”

Psalm 66:19

As a school grounded in faith, Christian Life School believes in the power of prayer over their students, staff, and families. This year, CLS Upper School Student Development Coordinator, Kristen Martinez, wanted to take that one step further and ensure that every student and staff were not only prayed for but actually knew about it.

“In an effort to share God’s love and the power of a praying community, the CLS staff committed to praying specifically for every single student in their care over the course of the 20-21 school year,” said Martinez. To accomplish this, she sends out an email every morning, usually with pictures, of a student from each grade (7-12th) and two staff/faculty members as a reminder to pray for them specifically. She also includes various Bible verses to complement the request.

Additionally, an email is sent to each individual student that day to let them know the entire staff is lifting them up in prayer. Parents also receive an email. One response from a parent stated, “This is why we have our kids in a Christian school.  To surround them with teachers and mentors who teach and model their love for the Lord.  Thank you for praying.  This is more important to me than anything teachers can teach.”

In a world of uncertainty, our faith in Christ remains our constant, and Christian Life School is committed to integrating faith into the curriculum to ensure our students are prepared to share and defend their faith as they graduate.

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