Founded in 1977, Christian Life School is a preschool - 12th grade Christian school located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We prepare students to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ not only through spiritual development, but also through academic excellence, vibrant music and theatre programs, competitive athletics, and a family atmosphere unlike any other.

What are your school hours?
The K-12th grade school day is 8:30am - 3:30pm Half days for preschool is 8:30am - 11:45am. We have before and after school care for grades K-6th grade as well.

What curriculum does Christian Life School utilize?
The elementary curriculum emphasizes reading, writing, and arithmetic while including other liberal arts including art, music, social studies, world languages, and physical education. The middle and high school curriculum is designed to develop a whole person, which is why we offer more than just a standard class fare. We offer over 11 AP classes, dual enrollment and a variety of electives.

Is CLS accredited? Are the teachers certified?
Yes. The school is accredited through ACSI and every member of the teaching staff is certified through ACSI 100%  of our teachers have bachelors degrees.

What are the demographics of the student body?
Our students come from over 100 different Christian churches. Our student body represents a diversity in the ethnic backgrounds including African-American (8%), Asian (6%), and Hispanic-Latino (11%).

Is your tuition affordable for my family?
Christian Life School is one of the most affordable private schools in northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin. The tuition schedule will give you the cost per grade level as well as extracurricular costs.

How do I schedule a parent tour?
We welcome families who are interested in CLS to come and check us out. Please contact the Admissions Office at 262-694-3601 or admissions @kclsed.org to schedule a tour.

Additionally, we would like to invite families to attend one of our Welcome Wednesday events and/or fall and spring Open Houses.

Does CLS provide transportation to and from school?
Due to the wide range of communities that the student body pulls from, we do not provide transportation. However, there are numerous opportunities to connect with other families to arrange carpool schedules.

What colleges and universities do Christian Life School graduates attend?
CLS students have continued to earn the privilege of attending a variety of highly acclaimed schools prior to graduation. See the HOME PAGE for some of the specific universities our students have gone to.

Do you have organized sports for elementary students?
Yes we do. We have wrestling clubs starting as early as kindergarten and youth football programs starting in 3rd grade. We also have competitive conference sports for our 5th and 6th graders.

At what grade can students start playing an instrument?
Elementary students can play a stringed instrument as early as 1st grade and a band instrument in 4th grade.



What is the CLS difference? We conducted a survey of our parents and here are ten of the top reasons Christian Life is set apart from other schools in the community. The CLS difference is…

  1. Our family atmosphere: “… the welcome feeling we get every time we walk into the door of the school.”
  2. Our challenging academics: “… the [way] staff continues to hold our child accountable but shows him the grace, love and belief in him that has enabled him to reach a higher level than what he came in at.”
  3. Our safety: “… the peace of mind that I get knowing that [my child] is safe, cared for and enjoying learning in a supportive and challenging environment.”
  4. Our student body: “… the respect that students show to each other.”
  5. Our community: “… the community of students, families and staff, a community that is welcoming and involved with the students.”
  6. Our spiritual climate: “… [how] students have integrated prayer, Bible verses and chapel each week.”
  7. Our academic excellence: “… the quality of the academics and the Christian atmosphere are the most important attributes a school can have:  Christian Life has these.”
  8. Our fine arts program: “… the excellent music program.”
  9. Our small class sizes: “… the individualized attention due to smaller class sizes.”
  10. Our integrated Christian worldview: “… [the way] my son is surrounded by Christian faculty, staff, and peers, and a Christian worldview is woven into the curriculum.”

What is the CLS difference? A caring community of students and staff dedicated to spiritual, social, and academic excellence. What are you waiting for? Apply today!

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