Engineering Students Present Projects to 4K Classes

Mr. Moffett has been teaching engineering to our middle school students. One thing that sets CLS apart is that we are a preschool, elementary, middle, and high school all in one building. Mr. Moffett has been strategic with his class and has tasked these middle school students with presenting their projects engagingly and educationally to our 4k students.

Mr. Moffett’s middle school engineering class had to know the importance of understanding the attention span and learning style of a four-year-old. CLS 4K students embody child-like wonder and thrive when they are given opportunities to explore and experiment. They also tend to have short attention spans, so our students had to come up with a plan that is engaging and interactive.

“This year our students were able to take their projects further in ways that have not happened in previous years. These students come into the classroom with so much wonder and ask many what-if questions that keep challenging the class to go to the next level.” – Rick Moffett

Our students have been able to deliver an engaging and educational presentation of their engineering project to a group of four-year-olds. Through this approach, the boys can help the four-year-olds to understand the basics of engineering and foster a love of problem-solving and creative thinking.

We currently have 13 boy students involved in this project. Mr. Moffett would love to see this group of students grow as well as see some young girls join in too. What an incredible opportunity our students have at CLS. We are grateful!