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What is Continuous Enrollment?

At Christian Life School, we understand the impact of a long term relationship between families and Christian Life School. Continuous enrollment allows both parties to have a seamless transition between academic years ensuring a positive relationship.

To enhance this transition, Christian Life School is excited to announce the new enrollment procedure called Continuous Enrollment. For existing families, your child will be enrolled at Christian Life School until high school graduation unless the parent notifies the school of withdrawal in writing. The open period to notify the school will be from January 1 – March 31 each year.

Why is Continuous Enrollment the Right Choice for CLS?

Up until this point, reenrollment has been an annual process that has inconvenienced you. The best analogy we can use is this: Does your cable provider call you every year and make you fill out papers to stay with them? The answer of course is no! In the same way, this would be an inconvenience to you, our reenrollment procedure has inconvenienced families in the past.

Typically, we retain over 90% of our student body each year. This means that 90% of our families have been having to reenroll for the sake of 10% who have left our school community. Moving forward we feel it is only fair to have those leaving notify us (by March 31) and not put our continuing families through the process of reenrollment.

We want to make enrollment easy. By signing this Continuous Enrollment Agreement, you will be flipping the script. Rather than using an ‘opt in’ process, CLS will be implementing an ‘opt out’ process. Once you sign the agreement, it will be assumed that your child will be with us until they graduate high school – that they will be continuously enrolled.

How do I sign up for Continuous Enrollment?

Your signature on this year’s school reenrollment packet is confirmation that you understand the Continuous Enrollment Agreement, please review it completely. This agreement applies to the 2018-2019 academic year and will be renewed automatically until your youngest student has graduated high school. This agreement will be active unless and until it is terminated by Christian Life School or completion of 12th grade for the youngest student or the completion of the withdrawal procedure as outlined below.

The family is required to maintain each student’s Sycamore information (i.e. address, phone, email, emergency contacts, and medical information) on a continual, as needed basis. CLS will help to maintain the database by reminding parents to update their demographic information through Sycamore.

By January 1 of each school year, Christian Life School will publish the following school year’s tuition rates, additional fees and discounts, and information regarding tuition assistance.

Continuous Enrollment Fee

Beginning with enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year, there will no longer be a reenrollment fee. The $200-$275 reenrollment fee that has been paid in the past will now be built in to your tuition plan. If you are not planning on attending CLS, you must submit a Future Withdrawal Form prior to March 31. For withdrawals made after March 31 you will be charged $500 as a late withdrawal fee.


Withdrawal Policies

To withdraw your child at any time during the current school year:

  • Submit required Withdrawal Form.
  • Pay required $500 mid-year withdrawal fee.

To withdraw for the upcoming school year:

  • Submit Future Withdrawal Form during the time period of January 1 – March 31.
  • Pay $500 fee if submitted after March 31 of the current school year.

Continuous Enrollment Agreement Terms

  • I/we agree that the term of my student’s continuous enrollment begins with this signed Continuous Enrollment Agreement and, thereafter, continues automatically through completion of Grade 12 or, if necessary, until a Future Withdrawal Form is completed.
  • I/we understand that the continuous enrollment fee will be incorporated into the monthly tuition payment plan.
  • I/we agree to keep our student’s demographic information updated in Sycamore.
  • I/we agree to submit an annual tuition assistance agreement and that any changes to those terms must be communicated in writing to the CLS Business Manager.
  • I/we agree to the financial policies set forth in this agreement and acknowledge that we will review the Parent-Student Handbook each year for any changes to these and other school policies.
  • I/we agree to fulfill all financial obligations during the current school year. The Continuous Enrollment Agreement will be signed through the online application for new families and online 2018-2019 reenrollment for returning CLS families.