Congratulations to Our Outstanding Juniors for Exceeding the ACT Benchmarks!

Our junior class has achieved remarkable success on the ACT, demonstrating exceptional academic prowess and dedication. Let’s celebrate their outstanding accomplishments across various categories:

Benchmark Beaters

These students have surpassed the national benchmarks in all categories of the ACT, showcasing their comprehensive academic strengths. Their hard work and determination have set a new standard of excellence.

STEM Award Recipients

Excelling in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, these juniors have scored above the national average in their STEM scores on the ACT. Their impressive performance highlights their potential to thrive in these critical fields.

25+ Club

Scoring 25 or higher on the composite ACT is no small feat. These students have demonstrated a well-rounded mastery of the exam, reflecting their broad academic abilities and dedication to their studies.

30+ Superstars

Achieving a composite score of 30 or higher places these juniors among the top echelon of test-takers nationwide. Their exceptional scores are a testament to their hard work, intelligence, and academic excellence.

We are incredibly proud of our juniors for these outstanding achievements. Their success on the ACT is a reflection of their dedication, perseverance, and commitment to academic excellence. Congratulations to all our high-achieving students—you are truly the pride of our school!