Sheri Larson

Upper School History Teacher

Get to know Upper School World History teacher, Sheri Larson! Ms. Larson loves getting to teach at a school with a strong, Christian community that is encouraging and life-giving to the staff and students.

What classes and grade level(s) do you teach?

I teach 7th & 8th-grade History, 10th-grade World History, and Music Ministry.

What do you love most about CLS? 

I love the staff and people. I have been through a lot in the past few years, and the staff has been behind me in prayer and in other ways. They have been a great encouragement to me. Their loving words and praise helped me through what could have been one of the darkest times of my life. They are amazing, selfless people that show Jesus daily. I have been overwhelmed by the love and generosity of our staff.

Why do you like teaching at CLS?

Oh my gracious! The staff, parents, and students! I love coming to school! My job is not a job; it’s a place where I get to work with my friends and help my students learn about crazy battles, war elephants, Napoleon Bonaparte (who left his army twice when they were losing), Egyptian embalming, and so many more things. I love trying to answer their questions and looking things up to find out more!

How are faith and learning integrated at CLS?

Most civilizations leave out Jesus! So I get to point out how things go so much better when we involve the Lord. All civilizations fall and rise. Some last longer than others and most of them had a background in knowing Jesus. I get to point that out, and how when we leave Jesus out of our life, it can be just as destructive.

How do you make a spiritual impact on your students?

I pray with them if they have a problem. I sometimes carry the message of Chapel on with encouraging words from me. I try to talk to my students on a personal level so I know if something is going on their lives. If they don’t come to me, I’ll go them. They may not always talk to me, but they know that I’m praying.

What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

I am artistic, so some of the projects that the students do are more creative. Most of the students enjoy that. I like to let them talk in class, not just me. I give them opportunities to present topics and people in class. I let them use different presenting tools for presentations. I try to be humorous in class, and I think that helps.

What sets CLS students apart from other students?

CLS students are kind, respectful, decent students. They would help you with anything, they have a good sense of humor, and they are mostly kind to each other. You can have a conversation with them, and they will talk back and make sense.

They also care about their work. They ask questions and want to know if their answer is right or why it is not right. For the most part, they always do their work and get their homework done.

And most of all, they love Jesus. You can see it in everything they do. You can see it in chapel when they are worshiping Jesus or listening to the speaker. You can see it at lunch, in our classes, and when you talk to them about the Lord. They are not perfect, but they love Him and want to do what is right.