Leslie Stanley

Health Assistant

Get to know Leslie Stanley, the Health Assistant and Varsity Cheer Coach. Mrs. Stanley understands how to best care for students’ physical health, but their spiritual and mental health as well.

What is your role at CLS?

I am the Health Assistant and Varsity Cheer Coach.

What do you love most about CLS? 

I loved watching my daughter grow up here and graduate from a school she LOVED. By far my favorite thing about CLS is the staff. The ones that poured into my daughter for so many years, as well as my co-workers. They are second to none.

Why do you like working at CLS?

The environment, the ability to go to Chapel as my schedule allows, the flexibility and trust that has been developed over the years especially with the care I need to give to my special needs son at home. Being able to minister to the kids daily in a variety of ways makes me feel my job has real worth.

How are faith and learning integrated at CLS?

Faith is integrated daily through patience in dealing with so many kids (I take care of the K-12 grade students). I learn how to relate to each child at different grade levels, and show compassion while caring for them.

How do you make a spiritual impact on students and those you work with?

Sometimes when the kids are upset or hurt or even sick, I can take the time to pray with them. Because I have been around for so long (in different roles over the years), the kids have learned to trust me. Through that trust, they have learned they can come and talk to me. My role as a coach gives me an excellent opportunity to impact the lives of the girls on my squad. Coaching is a ministry and a gift. It can be used to help these kids learn to trust another adult in their life, and because we spend so much time together, it is a bond like no other. Not only impacting the girls but their parents as well.

What is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your position at CLS?

One, I’ve had a daughter go to CLS from 1st grade through 12th grade. She graduated from here, so that is an advantage in understanding the culture at CLS. Secondly, I have been a caregiver for years for not only my special needs son but for my elderly mother as well. Taking care of people with special needs gives you a different perspective, understanding, and skill set that you can’t learn unless you live it.

What is typically your favorite part of the work week?

The opportunities I get to interact with the kids on a daily basis and getting to know them better.

What sets CLS apart from other schools?

I have worked at other schools, and I can say hands down CLS IS different. The faculty cares about the kids. I have seen it as a parent of an alumna, and I have witnessed my co-workers do some AMAZING things with these kids. You just don’t get that level of care anywhere else. The staff is truly committed and wants the best for their students.