Somer Ganser

1st Grade Teacher

Get to know 1st Grade teacher, Somer Ganser. Mrs. Ganser is able to incorporate biblical concepts into every lesson, helping the students grow in their faith.

What classes and grade level(s) do you teach?

I teach 1st Grade.

What do you love most about CLS? 

There are so many things to love about CLS!

As a teacher, I love the freedom we have in our classrooms: Freedom to integrate teaching with our love for Jesus, freedom to pray with and over our students, and freedom to teach creatively.

As a parent, I love that my sons are being taught in a safe, nurturing environment.

How are faith and learning integrated at CLS?

The greatest thing at CLS is that our faith can be integrated into everyday learning. Kids can learn about God through all subjects, not just Bible. For example, 1st grade just completed a unit study on animals. We were able to not only learn about the animal kingdom, but we also learned about God’s wonderful creativity. We discussed how God makes animals unique and perfect for their specific environment. God is a thread that runs through all our daily activities!

What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

My greatest strength would be my passion for children. I love kids, which is why I became a teacher! There is nothing more exciting than watching a little one grow and mature over the course of a school year. It is amazing to reflect back on the year and see how far we have come and how much we have learned!

What sets CLS students apart from other students?

The first thing that comes to mind is the Fruit of the Spirit. The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. When I see our student body, I see these fruits shining through in so many of them!