Debbie Saffell

4th Grade Teacher

Get to know 4th-grade teacher, Debbie Saffell. Mrs. Saffell loves working with and pouring into students who are eager to learn and grow in their faith!

What classes and grade level(s) do you teach?

I teach 4th grade.

What do you love most about CLS? 

I love working with this group of teachers. We are an excellent team! I love that we can problem solve, share burdens, and laugh together. There is a real family feeling among the elementary teachers.

I also love working with our families. It is wonderful to partner with these parents.

Why do you like teaching at CLS?

I like teaching at CLS because I can teach the whole child. I’m not worried about being politically correct…I get to be biblically correct.

How are faith and learning integrated at CLS?

Faith and learning integration is more than just a Bible verse slapped on a worksheet. It is the perspective (world view) from which everything is taught. This happens not only in the classroom but also at lunch, recess, in relationships, etc…

How do you make a spiritual impact on your students?

I believe that I make a spiritual impact on my students by matching what I instruct them to do with what I actually do. I want them to see my walk with Christ lived out before their eyes. I want them to not just hear me talk about forgiveness, grace, or thankfulness, but also see those traits in my life.

What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

As I child, I moved a great deal. I experienced many different types of schools. Later as an adult, we moved several times. I’ve taught in several different types of schools. I have taught everything from K through 8th. I think all of this has given me insight into where my students are on their journey and what I need to do to move them to the next level.

What sets CLS students apart from other students?

Overall, I find our students to be teachable. Sounds simple, but it is a real blessing to work with students who want to learn.