CLS Spiritual Formations Teacher Receives Credentials

Matt Short,  7th and 8th-grade Spiritual Formations teacher and Spiritual Formations Department Head recently became a licensed pastor with the Assemblies of God. 

Mr. Short felt the call of God in his life to receive his credentials as a licensed pastor. “A couple of years ago, I just felt a stirring in my heart to get credentialed. The passion to do this was founded on working with students every day and wanting them to find Jesus. My favorite part of my current job is drawing students closer to Jesus and hoping they can understand how important having a relationship with Jesus is. I have a heart for this next generation and I hope to pastor them in understanding how to live a righteous life surrounded by God’s grace.” 

Mr. Short recognizes the beauty of being credentialed as a pastor as he reflects on his past. “If God can change me and my life, he can change anyone. That is my prayer for all students. That no matter where they are in their life, no matter what mistakes they make, God can still call them to do mighty things for the kingdom!”

Congratulations, Mr. Short!