CLS Celebrates Baptisms!

During chapel in front of the entire student body, nine CLS students declared that they wanted to make a personal, public identification with Jesus Christ. They’ve turned from their old life to a new life in Jesus Christ. They are publicly identifying with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. They are openly joining the ranks of those who believe in Christ. When you are baptized, you are visually preaching the gospel to others.

The main focus of this school year is “Becoming” with the hopes of our students to grasp that word with everything they do in their daily lives. Becoming a Confident Communicator, Critical Thinker, Compassionate Citizen, Continual Learner, and Conscientious Disciple. Becoming a Conscientious Disciple, is acknowledging that our students are taking the next steps to embody the virtues and characteristics of the Lord. With that being said, nine of our Upper School students (Mitchell Eifert, Ethan Zawada, Logan Wright, Madison Andersen, Caroline Smith-Wehausen, Nolan Carroll, Vera Glenn, Emma Rossmann, Sophie Connon) cultivated this action by testifying their faith through water baptisms. Here are a few testimonies from our students.

Junior, Mitchell Eifert

I was done just going through the motions of Christianity. I wanted to take the next step.” – Mitchell Eifert.

Freshman, Ethan Zawada

“God has brought me through dark and hard times, so I want to dedicate my future to Him.” – Ethan Zawada.

8th Grade, Logan Wright

“I used to be so stressed and filled with worry, but then God gave me peace at one of the chapel services. After that I knew my next step had to be baptism.” – Logan Wright.

Junior, Madison Anderson

“I wanted my faith to not be my parents faith anymore, but I wanted it to be my own” – Madison Anderson.

Senior, Caroline Smith-Wehausen

“I wanted to make it known to everyone that I know that I am living for Jesus!” – Caroline Smith-Wehausen

We are proud of the commitment you’ve declared to everyone!