CLS 2nd Grade Home Sweet Home Project

Every year our second graders create a zoo exhibit for the school to come through and experience. The students were able to pick a habitat that they wanted to model. The students had to use multiple resources to find out about their habitat and recreate it in a container such as a shoebox.

This project is so fun for both the student who gets to create a habitat and all the different people that get to visit the zoo! When we asked our second grade teachers to share a little about their experience with this project, here is what they had to say:

“What I love the most about this project is that it gives the students the opportunity to explore God’s creation further while letting the students showcase their creativity in an artistic and hands-on way.” – Lauren Weis, 2nd Grade Teacher

“One of my absolute favorite things about the Habitat project is my student’s ownership and genuine excitement in sharing their hard work with their peers! They carry their projects into our room with such pride and a bubbling sense of accomplishment! Their joy permeates the entire CLS elementary. It even gets our younger students in Kindergarten and first grade motivated for their second grade year!” – Jenny Kinzler, 2nd Grade Teacher

We want to say good job to all the students and families that took time to create such a fun exhibit and thank you to our teachers for all they did to make this as great as it was. We are grateful to have the teachers we have.

*Our teachers took the time to send us these pictures, we hope to see you next year at the CLS Home Sweet Home Zoo! If for some reason your child is not pictured, please share a picture with us and we will add it in!