Christian High School Near Racine

Challenging Our Students To...

Achieve High Standards

Practice Their Faith

Impact Their Community

Initiate Change

Show Compassion

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If you're looking for an excellent Chrisitan high school near Racine, Christian Life School, located in Kenosha, is a great option for your student.

Our goal at CLS is to see our high school students excel beyond academics. The uniqueness of Christian education is its recognition of the spiritual reality in everything, and that drives everything we do at Christian Life School near Racine. Our school is dedicated to more than just intellectual growth and social development. We want to help every high school student recognize their own God-given purpose and that their spiritual growth is just as important as their academic growth. In other words, education cannot be its best without intentionally considering and planning for growth in each of these areas – the academic, the social, and the spiritual. We believe our well-rounded approach to a Christian education leads CLS graduates to lives of excellence, and it's been proven again and again.

Part of what makes CLS the best Christian high school near Racine is our dedication to preparing students spiritually, academically, and socially to impact their world for God. Our curriculum is designed to help students grow and develop in each of these areas, but not just growth for its own sake. Student growth toward an end – to make a difference in the world for the Kingdom of God. From a Christian perspective, education is not self-serving but strives to develop students to effect change in this world. To have an impact for the good of all people and the glory of God. You see that in our high school students in their dedication to people and service.

Our well-rounded curriculum includes arts and athletics which means a CLS high school student has more opportunities than another private and Christian high school near Racine. If you want your child to love learning, love God, and love others, consider choosing the best Christian high school near Racine: Christian Life School.

CLS Prepares Students for College

We encourage students to pursue God through their academic, spiritual, and social lives and continue to offer — and develop — our thriving art, music, drama, and sports programs along with a traditional liberal arts curriculum.


We are committed to providing a quality education while also cultivating an atmosphere where Christian principles are taught, modeled, and encouraged. Our commitment to our students is the philosophy that a truly Christian education reflects excellence in all areas of life.

Thus, we exist to challenge our students to...

  • Achieve high standards
  • Practice their faith
  • Impact their community
  • Initiate change
  • Show compassion


Contact us today when you're ready to enroll your child at the best Christian high school near Racine, Christian Life School.