Celebrating the Fine Arts Department: A Year in Review

The 2023-24 school year was extraordinary for our Fine Arts Department. Our dedicated choir, band, and theater programs delivered memorable performances, enriching the lives of students and the community alike. Here’s a look back at the highlights and achievements that made this year so special.

Choir and Band: Harmonizing the Seasons

Our choir and band showcased their talents in three major concerts, each one a unique experience. The fall concert set the tone with vibrant performances that introduced students to diverse genres and techniques. The spring concert followed, allowing students to demonstrate their growing musical skills. The grand finale was the annual Christmas concert, a heartwarming event where alumni joined current students to celebrate the season.

Beyond these concerts, our choir and band played pivotal roles in significant school events. From the Veteran’s Day service to the Homecoming pep rally, and singing the national anthem at the Homecoming game, their presence was felt and appreciated. They also spread holiday cheer by visiting nursing homes during the Christmas season, performing for residents, and bringing smiles to many faces.

A Star Composer Emerges

One of the most exciting moments of the year was the debut of a composition by senior Hannah Hoang. Choir Director Lisa Bogaczyk announced this remarkable news during last year’s spring concert, highlighting Hannah’s talent and dedication. Hannah’s composition, a deeply personal piece reflecting her journey of self-discovery and cultural adaptation, resonated with many and showcased the incredible support and encouragement she received from her peers and mentors.

Read more about Hannah’s journey here:

Band Excellence at All Levels

Our band program thrived under the leadership of Mr. Dissmore, who not only mentored upper school students but also introduced music to elementary students, starting with strings at the kindergarten level. This inclusive approach ensured that young musicians received a strong foundation, benefiting from the guidance of talented musicians who volunteered their time to help students master brass, strings, and overall musical knowledge.

Theater Department: A New Vision

The theater department welcomed Mrs. Olsen, who brought fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Collaborating with Ms. Strickland and Journey Church, which upgraded its auditorium with an LED screen, Mrs. Olsen integrated student art into the fall play and spring musical. She also emphasized improv and stage presence, helping students gain confidence and perform projects throughout the year. Elementary students also got a taste of theater, participating in the spring musical and discovering the joys of the performing arts.

Honors and Scholarships

We are incredibly proud of our students selected for the prestigious WSMA State Honors Music Project. Ethan Vigil (violin), Logan Robinson (cello), Samuel Van Prooyen (percussion), and Landon Dissmore (trombone) were among the 400 chosen from over 1400 applicants, highlighting their exceptional talent and hard work.

Learn more about their achievement here:

The Fine Arts Department also awarded scholarships to three outstanding students this year:

Emalie Myrum received a Music Talent Scholarship of $2,500 per year to continue her musical journey at Olivet Nazarene University. Her achievements include top ratings for euphonium and participation in multiple theater productions and music ensembles.

Hannah Hoang earned the Kenosha Oaks Scholarship at Carthage, a full-tuition award recognizing her outstanding music and academic achievements. She has excelled in choir, cappella groups, and composition.

Edyta Iwanski was awarded the Studio Art and Graphic Arts Scholarships, totaling $20,000 annually at Carthage. Her art, deeply influenced by her Christian faith, has earned her the “Best in Show” award and significant academic recognition.

Honoring Our Heroes

Choir Director Lisa Bogaczyk was celebrated as one of Modern Woodmen’s Hometown Heroes for her dedication to student development. This honor was marked by her throwing the first pitch at an event where senior Bradley Palmer also delivered a stirring rendition of the national anthem.

Looking Ahead

The 2023-24 school year was a testament to the power of arts education in shaping talented, confident, and compassionate individuals. As we look forward to another year, we are excited to see how our students will continue to grow and inspire through their artistic endeavors. Here’s to another year of creativity, passion, and excellence in the Fine Arts Department!