Social-Emotional Learning

February 22, 2021

Social-Emotional Learning: What Is It and Why Is It Important? Written by Dr. Rainbow Bell & Mrs. Kristen Martinez In a time where the world is full of stress and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to understand what social-emotional learning is and how we can help foster it in our children. “Social-emotional learning…

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Reluctant Readers

February 3, 2021

Written By: Jaylene Hardtke Why are students Reluctant to Read? “I don’t want to read that, it doesn’t interest me.”  “I don’t like reading, it’s boring.” “I don’t get it.” How many have heard that from your child/student? It is not an uncommon statement to hear especially in the digital age where screens are available…

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Preschool Tips

January 20, 2021

Tips for Parents from a Preschool Teacher Written by: Cinthya Bermudez The preschool years are an essential time in a child’s life, as this will be the first time they experience the world on their own. They will learn social skills, fine motor skills, and most importantly learn more about being independent.  Preschool can also…

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