Veterans Celebrated at our Annual Veterans Day Program

This year Christian Life School was honored to celebrate more than 125 active and former armed forces at our annual Veterans Day Program. We hosted over 1200 people including Kenosha Mayor – John Antaramian, Kenosha County Sheriff – David Beth, and a representative from Paul Ryan’s office – Brandon Farnsworth as the program opened with a solemn flag ceremony with the Honor Guard from the Great Lakes Naval Base. For many veterans, this is an annual event that they look forward to.

Navy veteran Danny Rodriguez, of Kenosha, shared this, “I come here because of all the veterans who served, the students and the blend of patriotism and God. The event is wonderful. I’ve attended it for five years now. It’s red-circled on my calendar. I stand in great humility when I look around and think about all that our veterans did, and it makes me proud. I don’t come here for me as much as I do for everyone else.” Sometimes, I wonder, with all the protests and things, if our core values still exist. And I come here,” Rodriguez added, observing the activities around him, “and they still do.”

After the ceremony, the veterans were greeted by CLS students and seated to enjoy light refreshments. A special thank you to Festival, MB Sweet Treats, O&H Bakery, Performance Foods, Simple Market & Bakery and Sysco for donating the food, beverages, and other reception items enjoyed by the more 350 family members and veterans.