Senior Class Project Makes International Impact

On Monday, May 13, the Senior Class of Christian Life School (CLS) invited the community to join in the celebration of their Capstone Presentations. Students began this project a year ago when they were challenged by school leadership to choose a problem/issue in the word that they cared deeply about and were then required to research the severity of the problem, causes and effects, and propose a solution to address the brokenness in the world today.

Some students partnered directly with organizations to help bring awareness to their causes and to help those in need while other students created new initiatives.

The project, done in phases, required students to not only research, but develop action phases and write a final paper to record the rationale, research, action steps and an evaluation. They were challenged to put their Christian faith in practice as they work to join God in bringing hope, help, justice, and healing to the lost, poor, suffering to the most spiritually and physically vulnerable people throughout the world.

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The Kenosha News covered this event and published a recap article on the front page of the May 15th issues. To read the article and learn more about some of the specific projects, click here.

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