School Celebrates Adoption

The Upper School Students at Christian Life were recently privileged to be a part of a unique experience:  the adoption celebration of one of their own.  Pastor Bob & Wendy Griffith, CLS parents & staff members of Journey Church, invited the school to share in this special day as their foster daughter received legal permanence with their family as their daughter.

This live hearing was conducted at a school assembly and involved social workers, family, and a judge. School leaders agreed that this was an educational opportunity for students and teachers, most of whom had never experienced an adoption court proceeding before.   

City officials in attendance including the District Attorney, Michael Graveley, called the assembly “moving” and shared how encouraging it was to see this segment of the community rallying around this cause.

The Griffiths chose to include CLS as part of this ceremony due to the overwhelming support from the school community throughout this process. It was their hope, along with the school’s, that patrons would see the beauty and joy that comes when families stand in the gap for those in need and would also choose tochange the trajectory of a child’s life forever.

Many steps led up to this day including foster parenting, permanency hearings, and home visits. The goal of foster care is reunification, but if a child requires a permanent adoptive home, the current foster family is typically approached first because of the relationship that has already been established.  This was the case with the Griffith family as they were the foster family and were open to being an adoptive resource as well. 

Even though not everyone can be a foster parent or adopt, everyone can do something to help children in need. Kenosha County still needs 40 additional safe, loving foster homes this year for children in the community. Fifty percent of those children are under the age of 5 years old.  

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