Festival Foods Invites CLS Art Students to Decorate for Christmas

Festival Foods is dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities they serve. With that goal in mind, they reached out to the CLS Visual Arts Teacher, Kristie Nixon, and invited Christian Life School to come to their store on 31st Street in Kenosha to help decorate their store windows for Christmas.

Senior, Rebekah Hammond, created the design for the windows. She chose the winter animals to capture a playful and warm Christmas feeling. Once the design was created, a team of students and staff met at Festival Foods on November 25, 2017. They worked together to execute Rebekah’s vision.

According to Mrs. Nixon, “Decorating the windows at Festival Foods was a fun experience for our students. I was so happy we were asked. I was proud of the design Rebekah came up with and her dedication to the project. All of the students who participated did an amazing job and had great attitudes. It was a lot of fun!”

Stop by Festival Foods and see the Christian Life School windows!