Everyone loves an amazing performance! Students and teachers alike thoroughly are pleased by the sense of accomplishment that comes from weeks of hard work, bursting with excitement and joy! Parents and Administrators also take pride in their children/students and their school. But producing enjoyable performances is only one aspect of a balanced music education and […]

School Safety-A Comprehensive Look at Best Practices

Written by Jack Decker, Christie Gould, and Mary Kay Tajnai There has never been a time in which protection from violence, substance abuse, weapons, and bullying has been of greater importance. Prioritizing the need to protect students and investing significant resources is key to accomplishing this goal. In this day and age it is wise […]

Statistics & School Start Times

Or, What to do When “Science Says”. Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable. Mark Twain Why should it matter to you? Because newspapers regularly shriek about what science says about raising your kids, when you’ll be happiest, or even the start time of school. (Hold on to the last one. We’ll return to […]

STEM: Coding in Elementary

If you are around any school you have probably heard the buzz words STEM, STEAM, or coding. However, you may not be aware of what exactly those words mean or how they relate to your students. Here at Christian Life School, we are serious about making sure our students have every opportunity to learn. Technology […]

Building Number Sense and Math Fluency

Teachers over the years have invested numerous hours into helping their young learners establish firm math foundations and “make friends with numbers” in turn which will develop what teachers today refer to as number sense.   Judy Hornigold, from Math’s No Problem, describes number sense as emerging understanding that refers to a “child’s fluidity and […]

Keeping Education Based Athletics in Perspective

The best private schools in the country understand that while athletics plays an extremely vital role in a well-balanced school, to play is a privilege and not a right. Athletics play a very important role in the physical and social development of young children. Having fun as a member of a team and learning to […]

Blended Learning Through the Use of Chromebooks

7 Ways the Best Private Schools Use Chromebooks to Prepare Students For the Future During the past 5 years, education has seen an increase in personal electronic computing devices. As a cost-saving alternative to Windows laptops, MacBooks, and iPads, Chromebooks were introduced in 2011 (MAXCases, 2019). In 2012, Google accounted for only 5.2% of all […]

Effective Reading Assessment for Young Learners

If you’ve ever stepped into an early elementary classroom, you know that energy radiates from young learners.  Kids love exploring the world around them and delight in opportunities to learn new things.  Reading, in particular, is one of those skills that students are incredibly eager to possess.  Our elementary teachers carry the enormous responsibility of […]

The 20 Essential Characteristics of the Best Private Schools

Inevitably, when considering the best private school education for their children, parents can encounter difficulty discerning which school best fits the needs of their family and their student(s). According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 5.9 million (over 10%) students attend private school in America. For those people, searching for the right school can […]