Cory Batz Scholarship Awarded

Seven years ago, Cory Batz lost his battle with T-cell lymphoma at the tender young age of 16, on July 31, 2012. Although he was on this earth for just a short time, as a student of Christian Life School, his legacy lives on and inspires not only his former classmates but current students as well. One, in particular, CLS senior, Christian St. John.

Michelle Batz presenting the Cory Batz Scholarship to Christian St. John and CLS Head of School, Dr. Jeff Bogaczyk, and CLS Upper School Principal, Carrie Wright

Christian is the recipient of the Cory Batz Scholarship. Started by Cory’s mother, Michelle, and her colleague, Bob Debennette of the Beach Park School District, this scholarship was started to honor the life of Cory.

Each year, one Christian Life School applicant is selected by Cory’s Project, an organization founded in 2011 to assist children and their families residing in the Pediatric Cancer Unit at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Learn More About Cory’s Project

You can find more information on or find them on Facebook by searching: Cory’s Project.

More About Cory

Throughout his seven-month fight, Cory never lost his faith in God, his strength or his courage. He never said, “why me?” If not for his faith in God and his knowledge of where he was going if he didn’t make it, his battle would have been far more difficult.

Cory’s parents are so proud of him and look forward to seeing him again in Heaven. Cory displayed his love for the Lord by the way he lived his life and the way that he treated others around him. Cory was not afraid to talk to others how his life was changed by Christ. Even in his death, students have come to Christ through Cory’s story. He was also heavily involved in the drama department at CLS. Many students in the drama department have been affected by Cory’s fight with cancer.