Continuous Enrollment

Last year, almost 94% of eligible Christian Life School families returned to our school for this current year. We tried to make the re-enrollment process as user-friendly as possible with online re-enrollment. While our families praised this effort and it worked well, we weren’t quite satisfied. We challenged ourselves to do better. We wanted to make things even easier for CLS families and reward such great school loyalty. And that’s what led to this year’s launch of Continuous Enrollment.

Up until this point, re-enrollment has been an “opt-in” program. We annually ask every family, “Are you coming back?” In a sense, we’ve been penalizing the vast majority of families by forcing you all to go through this process every year. By signing your Continuous Enrollment contract, you will be flipping that script. Rather than an opt-IN annual re-enrollment process, CLS’s annual re-enrollment will become an OPT-OUT process. In other words, if you’re coming back after signing your “Continuous Enrollment Contract,” you’ll never have to worry about this again.

Many of our CLS families have already submitted their Continuous Enrollment contract. However, with the deadline fast approaching, we wanted to reach out to those who have not taken this step. Submitting your contract on time will allow class scheduling for middle and high school students. As well as allow classroom placement for preschool and elementary students. The deadline to complete this contract is March 31, 2018. Please contact our Admissions Office with any questions –