CLS Youth Football 6th Grade Team Wins Superbowl!

The end of the CLS Youth Football* season was an exciting one again this year! For the 2nd consectutive season, this team has brought home the SEYFA (South Eastern Youth Football Alliance) championship trophy.

These 6th grade boys have a strong bond on and off the field. The team prayer said before every game and after every practice – “Thank you God for your faithful love towards me and for helping my attitude today to be like Christ’s.” — helps these boys to maintain a proper perspective.

Head coach, Bob Johnson, leads the team chant before every game. Bob states, “Our chant is not about winning football, it’s about winning with the Lord first, winning in school second, and winning at home third…the scoreboard will take care of itself if we keep those priorities in line. The chant mentions “winning” three times, but its a challenge to the boys about life outside of football. The boys understand that and that’s why we have success.”

The team stats demonstrate thier success:

  • 2nd consecutive undefeated season (2015: 7-1 as 3rd/4th graders; 2016: 8-0 as 5th graders; 2017: 8-0 as 6th graders)
  • 18 consecutive wins over 3 seasons
  • 23 wins in the last 24 games (only 1 loss in three years; lost by one point in the playoffs)
  • Opponents failed to score any points against our defense in 5 of the 8 games this year
  • Posted 10 shutouts in three years
  • Defeated an undefeated team (Waterford Wolverines) in the championship this year 34-18
  • Defeated St. Cats 45-6 last year in the championship
  • Average margin of victory was over 28 points (4 touchdowns per game)

Congratulations to each player and coach for winning the 2017 6th Grade SEYFA CLS Youth Football Superbowl!

*CLS Youth Football is a premier Christian football program for 3rd – 8th grade boys. It is designed to develop football skills and teach safe techniques. A certified sports trainer is present at every game and the league has strict no blocking below the waist rules. Our program is designed to strengthen each player’s endurance and work ethic. Players do not have to attend Christian Life School to participate in the CLS Youth Football Program. For more information, contact the program director Jack Decker at