CLS Teacher to Appear on Jeopardy

July 28, 2018- “Educators for 200, Alex.” “This CLS History Teacher was selected to go on Jeopardy.” “Who is Beth Feest?”

In 1996 Beth Feest took the test to appear on Jeopardy for the first time. She passed on her second attempt and was in the contestant pool for 18 months. It ultimately took Feest a total of 4 auditions and appearing 6 times in the contestant pool before getting the call that she had finally been selected to appear on the show after 22 years.

When asked about the experience, Beth shared that “It was incredible. It’s exhilarating and exciting. When you are playing the game, it really moves fast. You don’t have time to think of anything else…”

Approximately 10% of all people who take the Jeopardy test pass and only about 1% actually make it on the show as a contestant. Feest’s biggest takeaway from the experience is that “…If you have a dream or desire, don’t give up. Like I posted on Facebook the day I received “The Call”—patience and perseverance pay off! 

To see how successful Feest was during her Jeopardy debut, her episode will air on Friday, July 6th  at 3:30 pm on ABC 7 in Chicago or 6:00 pm on CBS 58 in Milwaukee.