Christian Life School Preschool

The Christian Life School Early Education has recently undergone a transformation. Moving from a traditional daycare, this program has shifted its focus to preschool. The CLS Preschool is excited to have the opportunity to instill the love of learning in our students!

Christian Life School Preschool is passionate about laying a solid foundation spiritually, academically, and socially. While the nurturing environment, loving teachers, and biblical instruction have not changed, this transition is essential in developing the STEM program for preschool aged students. Time spent in the classroom will include science and math centers, hands-on exploration, and circle time, among other activities for students ages 2-4.

While the current pricing will remain the same, Christian Life will now be offering part-time options as well. Wraparound care will continue to be available for working parents and those who need extended care. Christian Life School Preschool is eager to work with and adapt to the complex needs of new and returning families!

For more information regarding tuition, curriculum, and extended care, please visit the Christian Life Preschool webpage.