Christian Life Art Department Shines in Keyed Up Kenosha Project



















Christian Life School is proud to share that two of our students and a teacher have been selected to display their artwork on one of 13 pianos through the Keyed Up Kenosha project.  These pianos will be placed throughout the city of Kenosha this summer, kicking off this weekend.

Lydia Chavez and Kasey Cochran have worked closely with Visual Arts Teacher Kristie Nixon on this project. Their piano features drawings of old Kenosha buildings and maps using decoupage.

Nixon was highlighted this week in the Kenosha News. To learn more about the project and to hear from Kristie on how this all came to be, visit:—-kristie-nixon/article_7550caef-b63c-5bdd-b9e1-1e507889239a.html

Downtown Kenosha has published more information about this weekend’s Keyed Up Kenosha kickoff including where the pianos will be displayed: