“The Better Baseline”- CLS Implements Innovative Concussion Screenings for Athletes

August 23, 2018-    Concussions are a big concern for youth athletics- some playing when they shouldn’t and healthy athletes benched when they could be playing. Moreover, there is more risk than ever but the benefits of playing sports still outweigh the risks when appropriately managed.

Christian Life School and INSIGHT Vision+Brain have partnered up again to provide on-site concussion baseline & vision performance screenings for nearly 100 of the CLS football players on August 28th & 29th.  

In 2017 CLS decided to implement INSIGHT’s evidence-based comprehensive head health platform to help make their student-athletes in concussion-prone sports smarter-safer-faster-stronger. The method originated at The University of Cincinnati’s Sport Neuroscience Science Group. Part of CLS’ decision to partner is due to the fact that this approach has led to some of the lowest concussion rates, fastest recovery times, higher performance and highest GPA’s in NCAA D1 football year-over-year since 2010.

Kevin McWilliams, Christian Life School parent and Founder of INSIGHT Vision+Brain Diagnostics, strongly believe this aides in our total student development. “To say it’s a better baseline is an understatement.”

Kenosha area parents, coaches, physicians, trainers, and media who are interested in learning more about this method are invited to attend a special information session on Tuesday, August 28th at 6:00pm in the Journey Youth Auditorium.  Presenters include renowned neuroscientist and University of Cincinnati Athletic Trainer, Dr. Joseph F. Clark, Ph.D., ATC.

Parents looking for more information on this program should go to: https://www.insightvision-brain.com/cls2018baseline

For more information on the background of the sports medicine group and scientific proving ground behind the program which Christian Life will be hosting August 28-29, 2018 click here. And to hear CLS Upper School Principal, Kevin Bryant’s perspective on last years event, click here.