10th Grade CLS Student Wins State Capitol Art Contest!

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Wisconsin State Capitol building, the State Capitol Commemorative Commission invited Wisconsin students to participate in an art and essay contest to help commemorate the beautiful and historic Capitol. Students in grades K-12 were encouraged to submit either a piece of art or an essay which details or symbolizes the importance of the Capitol building and what it means to Wisconsin.

We were notified this week that 10th-grade student Kasey Cochran’s artwork was selected as the winner for the 10th-grade entries. The commission selected one piece of artwork from each grade level for the exhibit. Kasey’s piece was selected from over 200 pieces. Her piece will be on display on the first floor of the State Capitol building this fall from November 9th through November 30th. Winning entries will be recognized by the Governor and retained by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Kasey drew this piece to represent Wisconsin’s State Capitol building. Through the use of one continuous line,  Kasey used her artistic ability to show the unity of the Capitol and state. She pictured Madison’s Capitol building on a large rock with rivers and waterfalls flowing off the edge to symbolize that life for Wisconsin flows like a stream out from the Capitol building.

Congratulations, Kasey! CLS is honored to be represented by you in this competition.