Athletic Registration

Dear Parents,

Thank you for trusting the athletic department and our coaches with your winter athlete. We take that responsibility very seriously. I look forward to the new season for many reasons, most of which involve watching our young athletes develop and learn to compete for God’s Glory.

This season we are rolling out a brand new way to register and pay for winter sports. After quite a bit of research we have decided to use Team Snap. Some of you may be familiar with the communication side of Team snap, as several of our coaches have used it, however, we will be using the simplicity of team snap to register, pay, roster, and communicate with our athletic families.

PAYMENT – No payment is due at registration. Registration fees will be applied through team snap around first week of practice and must payment will be due by November 20. ($160 for elementary and junior high, $200 for high school sports unless higher fee for full year sport)

REGISTRATION – MUST be done prior to TRYOUT or if no tryout then FIRST PRACTICE.

Registration links are sports specific click below to register. Once registration is completed the Athletic Department will review the registrations and roster your participant to a team.  Please contact with any questions.



Middle School Track

High School Track

Middle School Girls Soccer

High School Girls Varsity Soccer


If you have any problems with the registration process please feel free to call the athletic office (262) 694-3900 ext. 319 or email

Thank you,

Troy Tennyson

Athletic Director

Christian Life School