Realizing the importance of athletics, Christian Life School offers a wide range of sports activities for its students.

Participation as a CLS Eagle offers the student many opportunities for growth in key developmental areas such as focus, discipline, responsibility, self-esteem, and spiritual growth. Team play and practice also offer the physiological benefits of a carefully monitored exercise program and good physical conditioning.

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T. Troy Tennyson

Athletic Director

For more information contact our Athletic Director at (262) 694-3900 or by email at

As a Christian school, we are committed to the belief that our Christian faith and ethics are as important to the development of an athlete as the skills needed to play the game. Athletics can then be viewed as an opportunity to express and demonstrate Christian values and witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. The coaches and advisors have been selected to provide a program of athletics that encourages the development of skills within the framework and expression of Christian faith.

Elementary Sports Teams

Middle School Sports Teams

High School Sports Teams

Fall Sports

3/4 Boys Football
5 Boys Football
6 Boys Football
5/6 Girls Volleyball
5/6 Boys & Girls Soccer
5/6 Boys & Girls Cross Country

Winter Sports

1-6 Boys Wrestling Club
5/6 Boys Basketball
5/6 Girls Basketball
5/6 Girls Cheer

Fall Sports

7 Boys Football
8 Boys Football
7/8 Girls Volleyball
7/8 Boys Soccer
7/8 Boys & Girls Cross Country

Winter Sports

7/8 Boys Basketball
7/8 Girls Basketball
7/8 Girls Cheer
7/8 Wrestling Club

Spring Sports

7/8 Girls Soccer
7/8 Boys & Girls Track

Fall Sports

Varsity Football
Varsity Girls Cheer
JV & Varsity Girls Volleyball
JV & Varsity Boys Soccer
JV & Varsity Boys Cross Country
JV & Varsity Girls Cross Country

Winter Sports

JV & Varsity Boys Basketball
JV & Varsity Girls Basketball
Varsity Girls Cheer
JV & Varsity Boys Wrestling

Spring Sports

JV & Varsity Boys Baseball
JV & Varsity Girls Softball
JV & Varsity Girls Soccer
Varsity Boys & Girls Track
JV & Varsity Boys & Girls Golf

As an athletic department, it is our hope that our athletes realize that they do not only represent themselves on the playing floor or field, athletes represent their team, coach, school, family, and most importantly, Jesus Christ. Our actions, then, should promote a Christ-like spirit of “Praise Performance” directing the glory to God, good sportsmanship, a wholesome attitude, and loyalty to both the team and school. Our goal at all times should be a testimony for Jesus and our athletic competition and sportsmanship to be used by Him to win others to Christ.


Christian Life School is a member of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA).  We are also members of the highly competitive Midwest Classic Conference. The Midwest Classic Conference is one of 47 conferences in the state of Wisconsin.