Our Staff

Passionate. Dedicated. Ministry-Minded.

The staff and faculty at Christian Life School are committed to not only the education component of our school but to the spiritual growth and social impact of our students. They are not just teachers - they are mentors who are truly invested in developing our future.

Main Office

Ms. Aulozzi

Ms. Derrick

Ms. Maerzke

Ms. Ortiz

Ms. Travis


Ms. Vicky Robinson, Preschool Director

Ms. Rowena

Ms. Maura

Ms. Bethany

Ms. Penny

Ms. Ashley

Ms. Judith

Ms. Julie

Ms. Amy

Ms. Cinthya


Ms. Knight

Ms. Wollnik

1st Grade

Ms. Ganser

Ms. Wadsager

2nd Grade

Ms. Kinzler

Ms. Pippin

3rd Grade

Mr. Conrad

Ms. Mietus

4th Grade

Ms. Messick

5th Grade

Ms. Krause

Ms. Saffell

6th Grade

Ms. Rhoads

Mr. Sauder

Elementary Enrichment

Coach Krass, PE

Coach Powell, PE

Mr. Dissmore, Band & Orchestra

Ms. Glover-Krueger, Art

Ms. Grubb, Computer

Ms. Kerr, Music

Ms. Peden, Virtual Academy

Classroom Aides

Ms. Annjanette

Ms. Tifany

Ms. Michelle

Elementary Office & Elementary Student Support Staff

Ms. Tajnai, Principal Assistant

Ms. Mercier, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Bandholz, Health Care Paraprofessional

Ms. Carter, Instruction Specialist

Ms. Town, Reading Specialist


Ms. Hardtke

Ms. Kellough

Middle & High School Teachers

Ms. Bogaczyk

Mr. Brown

Ms. Brown

Mr. Caputo

Ms. Dryer

Ms. Feest

Ms. Huckeby

Mr. Langley

Ms. Larson

Señora Martinez

Señor Martinez

Ms. Masnik

Ms. Nephew

Ms. Perez

Ms. Pinter

Ms. Ramos

Ms. Redic

Mr. Short

Ms. Strickland

Ms. Taylor

Upper School Office & Student Services

Mr. Flores, Assistant Principal of Campus Life

Mr. Jedrzejczyk, Assistant Principal of Instruction

Ms. Descourouez, Principal Assistant

Ms. Duecker, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Pearson, Registrar

Virtual Academy

Ms. Peden, Virtual Academy Director

Ms. Woodall

Guidance Office

Dr. Bell, Guidance Director

Mr. Hughes, Guidance Counselor

Fine Arts Office

Mr. Dissmore, Band & Orchestra 

Mr. Langley, Theatre 

Ms. Bogaczyk, Choir 

Ms. Gerlach, Administrative Assistant

Athletic Office

Mr. Troy Tennyson, Athletic Director

Ms. Stanley

Ms. Porcaro, Assistant Athletic Director

Ms. Armstrong

Integrated Marketing & Communications (IMC) Department

Ms. Hyllberg, Admissions Director

Ms. Tennyson, Communications & Publications Director 

Ms. Wells, Marketing Director

Ms. Cervantes, Visual Communications Specialist

IT Department

Ms. Lamothe, IT Manager

Mr. Cruz

Kitchen & Lunchroom Team

Ms. Dana

Ms. Amy

Ms. Amy

Ms. Danielle

Ms. Gabrielle

Ms. Nicole

Ms. Jenny

Ms. Jeanette

Ms. Annjanette

Ms. Arleen

Ms. Michelle

Ms. Tifany

Ms. Alice

Ms. Cathy

Ms. Darlene