All grades use the library for 30 minutes once a week, where they can check out books and learn important library and research skills in the library media center. We use the Accelerated Reader Program which allows the students to check out and read a “good fit” book for them rather forcing everyone to read books at the same level.


Students receive two 30 minute music classes each week, where they learn about music theory and instruments, as well as worshipping God and singing. We offer Band and private lessons starting at 4th grade. Orchestra is offered for Elementary students starting in 1st grade. Private lessons are also offered.


Each spring, students take the Presidential Physical Fitness Test; their physical skills are developed through the introduction of multiple sports such as volleyball, basketball, and kickball.


Art is a 50-minute class which meets once a week. In art, students learn multiple art styles and techniques while drawing, painting, or molding creative projects.


We live in an information technology world. Cell phones, computers, and the internet are the norm for most homes. As a result, Christian Life School strives to prepare students for success in technology. Students are trained in typing skills, proper internet usage, and the basics of Microsoft Word. We are also a Google for Education school. Beginning in late elementary, students are provided with free Google and Gmail accounts which are used in conjunction with our curriculum to teach 21st-century skills.


At Christian Life School, it is our desire to expand students’ learning through foreign language. Introducing Spanish at an early age opens opportunities to learn about different countries and vocabulary. This introduction to Spanish covers colors, alphabet, numbers, parts of the house, calendar, and other general words. Our elementary students (K2 through 6th grade) are offered Spanish three times a week.