Lynette Trantham

Upper School Literature Teacher

Get to know Upper School Literature Teacher, Lynette Trantham. Mrs. Trantham guides her students through literature from a Biblical lens, showing them the importance of developing Christian character.

What classes and grade level(s) do you teach?

I teach 9th and 10th-grade Literature.

What do you love most about CLS? 

I love that fact that I can integrate scriptural concepts into the literature we read. Good literature is good because the issues addressed are relevant today.

Why do you like teaching at CLS?

Most teachers teach because they love the kids. I love their energy, and the way they think about new concepts. I love seeing the ‘light bulb go on’.

How are faith and learning integrated at CLS?

God’s Word applies to any issue that comes up in our literature and I love the conversations about applying God’s Word to our lives.

How do you make a spiritual impact on your students?

I know that I make students grapple with God’s standard in our lives when we are confronted by sin in our characters. The questions “How does the character respond?” and “How would God want us to respond?” are the basis for much class discussion. I hope that these discussions shape some of the student’s personal standards, especially about living honorably, God’s expectations of marriage, prayer, and sin.

What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

Because of my education at Moody Bible Institute, I feel I have a very strong Biblical base that helps me view literature through the light of scripture. I also feel that my spiritual gift is teaching. I hope these strengths provide a strong Biblical perspective of literature to my students.

What sets CLS students apart from other students?

Many of our students have a personal relationship with Jesus. That makes CLS a more positive environment than other schools. I also think what makes CLS an amazing Christian school is the teachers, who deeply care for our students.