Christie Gould

Elementary School Principal

Get to know Elementary School Principal, Christie Gould! Mrs. Gould always turns to the Bible for guidance on how to best lead students into becoming young men and women of Christ.

What classes and grade level(s) do you teach?

I am the Elementary Principal for kindergarten through 6th-grade.

What do you love most about CLS? 

I love that CLS is a kindergarten through 12th-grade school that truly cares about the heart of the child and the spiritual growth of each individual. CLS embraces the opportunity to prepare students socially, academically, and spiritually to impact their world for God

Why do you like teaching at CLS?

It is exciting to pour into the lives of the students and see their growth from week to week and year to year. As I walk through the hallways and talk with the students, I have been in awe of the growth and transformations that students have made over the years. It is by God’s grace that lives are being changed.

How do you make a spiritual impact on your students?

It is a privilege to redirect and guide children with a basis of God’s word. By using the Bible as our guide, it provides students with meaning and strength behind why their actions matter. It is not merely a teacher’s opinion or a parent’s perspective, but rather it is God’s guidance. I am honored to be able to use that as a guide.

What sets CLS students apart from other students?

I believe that CLS students shine in their respect towards adults and others, and their desire to solve conflict according to God’s word. They show their passion for God through their excitement to attend chapel and pray for others.