Battle of the Books

At the first night of the ongoing Battle of the Books competition on Monday, April 3rd, CLS had an extremely strong showing! After reading 40 books throughout the year covering a wide range of genres, twelve CLS 4th-6th graders traveled to a local school to be quizzed competition-style.

CLS sent two teams to the battle to compete against 12 other teams from eight surrounding schools, both public and private. Team Blue dominated the competition, going undefeated and winning all four battles. The team answered 45 out of 46 questions correctly. Team Red, led by veteran 5th grader Alexis, also experienced much success. The majority of the team is brand-new to Battle of the Books, but still managed to win their first real battle ever!

Both teams represented CLS well on the first night, and coaches Mrs. Hyllberg and Mrs. Stewart are very proud of the students. The second battle in the competition will be held on Monday, April 10th. Congratulations to both teams, and good luck in the next battle!